Sunday, May 31, 2020

2833 : Whom do I want to write like? (on fiction I mean)

When I was younger, I could not move away from the magic of Salman Rushdie. He held a unputdownable sway on my sense.

Then I slowly came to see Miss Arundhati Roy as joy too. The laborious process of everyday seen through eyes of the one being squished. 

Then Milan Kundera showed me that poetry is everyday. And I still adore almost every book he has written. I have learnt so much of my life from Kundera.

Coetzee came along, showed me that to be beautiful, you need economy, not necessarily poetry alone. You need to cut sharp and incisive.

Finally Miss Harvey (Samantha Harvey) came along and showed me that there is meaning in our daily tribulations.

Five of my favorite authors. I could read anything they write. Anytime.

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