Saturday, May 30, 2020

2830 : The personal travails

Speaking of complexity (continuing from the previous post), the dynamic in our families (or friends or close friends) sometimes mimics the isolation (or sense of estrangeness) that one might feel in society too.

Even at our homes, sometimes it impossible to agree on basic things. Like my mom will walk around with camphor water (because it will help fight covid) - and because its blessed by the lord.

And I of course, don't disrespect my mom, but always the thought crosses my mind, how much time, just like governments and leaders, we spend on mindless symbolism. 

Like we touch our children to socialise, weddings, functions and its such a royal fcukshop.

Both this and the previous post sound like some sort of high trip.

But I am truly worried about how inefficient modern life is, especially in thought and alignment.

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