Tuesday, May 26, 2020

2827 : Cooper vs Cooper

If you have missed this, then this happened over the weekend....

It's essentially a white woman faking (an assault) and trying to put down a black American to a stereotype (that they attack whites or women). The video is very incriminating, and the woman is completely at fault (both her and the guy's name are Cooper and hence the title of the post).

When you look at the video, few things stand out:
1. Racism is rampant.
2. People using racism to drive home a stereotype (a stereotype itself is a form of racism :-)) is rampant too.
3. The ease with which the girl/woman pulls off - what is essentially a massive slur (ethnic or otherwise).

So far with me?

Yes, she is wrong, she is trapped on video, and she is damned. Thats beyond reproach. But.......

Now let's approach this like Schrodinger's cat.....

Option 1:
She is wrong (and we know that), but shouldn't we not allow her time and space to feel penitent, to grow up personally and spiritually. By now, she knows she is wrong too. 
Where is the space, compassion or energy that we are providing her with to grow or improve?
Will Franklin Templeton firing her make her a better individual?
Why should her 6 year old (just making that up), pay a price for her mother's gaffe? If her mother is fired, her (the daughter's) lifestyle will suffer.
After this public trial and outrage, will our lady get another job?

Option 2:

In an alternate universe, imagine the male Cooper had not recorded our lady. But the interaction is exactly the same, as we know what actually happened.
In that case, would the lady Cooper still feel penitent?
Would she instead press charges of assault against the male Cooper?
And now we just don't have injustice, but male Cooper also loses his job, and now his 6 year old suffers.
Also he won't get a job now.....

There is an Option 3 in my universe - they meet, hug, drop the indignation (on both sides)....and become best friends for life. Mr.  Cooper issues a public forgiveness for Ms Cooper. Ms Cooper is truly penitent, and eventually the world is much much better place.

Now do you see - why I often wonder why this world is so sub-optimal ? My friend would say, the second law of thermodynamics at work.

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