Friday, May 22, 2020

2821 : The Family Man

I watched the family man (Manoj Bajpai) on Amazon Prime.

I must say, more than anyone else - I loved it everytime Priyamani and the kids came on the screen. Strange you watch an action flick for the side jobs.

Priyamani is a revelation with her nuanced acting. And the kids are so how I wish my kids turn out to be.

A definite watch. Far less gripping than a Fauda or a Patal Lok or a Delhi Crime.....but still worth a watch. It definitely does not grip your insides like a Fauda does. This is more the Bosch territory.

Kashmir is beautiful.
My heart truly bleeds for that state and its people.
Two nations have ripped its heart out. I know its easy to be a living room lament, but really heartbroken. (Remember I just finished Madhuri Vijay's book)

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