Sunday, May 17, 2020

2818 : Preppers

The "term" prepper is used for the more paranoid amongst us who prepare for a contingency (usually a large one like a full-blown pandemic), and then have the ability to deal with this contingency.

The whole premise is that governments and society (and communities) are not best able to comprehend and hence prepare for the upcoming apocalypse. 

Most "preppers" by their own definition, usually will prioritize their own survival over a collective that does not understand their "priorities" or "point of view". 

And that is when I begin to wonder?

How much differently should a prepper be wired as compared to me or Jane Doe. 

How can a regular human being be driven enough to believe he is going to beat the eventual outcome (death) - cybernetics be damned :-). (Remember AI and its winters.....Cybernetics (and its lack of thaw) will last much longer....consider it like the million-year-old glaciers)

I mean when we lose the sense of the meaning and purpose (or lack of it) around our lives, we can prep as much as we want, but it does not take the gameplay further. Which means it only adds entropy into the world.

When I read of billionaires buying 9000-acre ranches (like Bezos or Zuckerberg) or Peter Theil having a 200 acre isolated land in NZ - all for the purpose of "prepping".

This damn "ego" of ours. This "me" can beat "death" is perplexing and bizarre.

There is only one final outcome. A cold dark lightless universe with vast swathes of empty space.

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