Thursday, April 30, 2020

2792 : My "Abhishek Bachchan" moment

I remember seeing the interview, wherein Abhishek Bachchan was saying (this must have been around 2000s), that an astrologer told him that if he needed to succeed, (as in if  ABJr needed to succeed) in his movies he needs to change his surname from "Bachchan" to something else.....and Abhishek smartly says, "That that is the point I walked away from the astrologer", because someone who is "telling me to change my surname" has no idea that "that is my biggest asset".

I call this my Abhishek Bachchan moment of truth. whenever someone tells me something absurd completely without knowing my context.

I recently had another "Abhishek Bachchan" moment, someone who is interested in my health - told me I should completely stop eating coconut....and at that moment I knew - I should stop talking to the guy.

For you....I am from Kerala. I survive on coconut, take coconuts away from my life, and it's like taking my life away from me.

When someone tells me to keep away from coconuts, I keep away from them :-)

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