Saturday, April 25, 2020

2785 : Reading List 2020 #4: The discomfort of evening by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld

The discomfort of evening by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld is a strange book. Unsure to make of it. It did not move me like Ellena Ferrante, Sara Baume, or Samantha Harvey....and yet I loved the writing.

The book has the same depressed zone, the tonality of being weighed down by life's realities. It's real, it makes you squirm. It is spoken in a child's voice, and yet the writing is mesmerizing, especially in terms of certain gem sentences, that would make the best of writers blush.

And yet the book is strange, I might not read it least not much as I would love to re-read a Ferrante, Baume or a Harvey.

Is it worth your time? Absolutely. It way above normal league. It just does not count in my best, not yet. The book is haunting, so maybe it will grow on me with time.

Go for it. Worth a read and it's humbling to know that a 30-year-old wrote it :-). What talent....:-)

At 272 pages brings my 2020 total to 1120 pages.

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