Friday, April 24, 2020

2784 : Sergio

I watched Sergio on Netflix and was completely moved.

I know these kind of tales, romanticize the man more than he really must have been. And yet, still the sense of purpose, belief and desire to make the world a better place - makes him commendable.

I never knew the man, as in even from news, but post the movie, read a bit....and am truly impressed by the sense of purpose, meaning, and direction he brought to his job.

There is a sense in that movie, that at times successful folks over-reach (and sometimes fail). I cant judge my own success, but I have over-reached a few times......and I have miserably failed. And I know that feeling still hurts.

In his last moments, did Sergio feel like he over-reached? I mean, we will never know that answer. But that question is very important to me. I wish and believe he would have not. I pray, hope, and believe, that he died like a hero.

Take a bow :-), dear Sergio :-).

The movie itself is fabulous. Each scene is so well constructed. Some Fabolous writing. The movie has its goose pimplish moments.

Definitely a watch and definitely one on my all-time list. Wagner Moura is a blessed actor.

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