Thursday, April 23, 2020

2780 : Mortality

Being confronted by mortality is not new to me. Being a Buddhist and seeing enough of my loved ones pass away - I thought has prepared me enough.

Not really it appears - I was reading

and I almost had a weak heart. Its a moving story....and makes us realize what the Buddha always said, "We will only know the life we have lived when we are about to confront death.".....

Death can be a gentle humane experience. And from the story above, it seems, it partly was. But still intubation, ventilators - I have my doubts, how much of it conflates with our living experience.

Its easy to shrug away death under the carpet. Just remember, one day, it will escape and surprise you.
Better make your morality your best friend.

From the genius called Chris Cornell (soundgarden) singing Black Hole Sun
Stuttering, cold and damp
Steal the warm wind tired friend
Times are gone for honest men
And sometimes far too long for snakes
In my shoes, a walking sleep
And my youth I pray to keep
Heaven sent hell away
No one sings like you anymore

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