Monday, April 20, 2020

2777 : Benevolent leader

It is interesting to see how polarising a Modi or a Trump is. In some sense that automatically makes them divisive. Is that bad? Politically. No. Philosophically. Maybe Yes.

The beauty of being a benevolent leader, or appearing as one is - that you can do actually no wrong. If Trump opens the nation, and people die, he shall always find some weak link in the chain who can take the fall.

But the real beauty is - Trump does not have to find that weak link. In the surreal world we live, his Red Followers will rationalize it to make it look like someone else made their dear leader fail.

Is that weird? Not really. Great religions, countries, and movements were formed on the simple trick of being a benevolent leader.

From a sheer political or a movement judgment - a Trump or a Modi are born and gifted leaders. They are worth their weight in Gold and whatever else. They can coalesce the followers, and dispel the skeptics....a perfect FILTER.

Will we have collateral damage? Of course, we will. But we must remember that every movement worth its salt, had damage. Out of some of these came great ideas and civilizations. Out of some others came horrors and destruction.

Human beings are a sucker for belief....and in that game the Benevolent Leader is like having four Queens in a game of chess (and the other side has one queen!!).

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