Sunday, April 12, 2020

2773 : The anatomy of abuse

I was speaking to my wife and she brought out a very insightful point. She pointed out, how most of us (maybe with a few begrudges) have adjusted to the new reality, and at times, draconian rules (and I don't mean the government, but more so broadly, like local apartment complex).

I have always observed that in any social organization - the rules often fall to the lowest common denominator. And I don't mean that as a lament, instead, I mean that as a fact.

Even within 6 friends, the conversation will fall to the lowest common denominator.....or in other words.....the highest level of abstraction that pervades amongst the 6.

Anyways, coming back to the point my wife was making.....that adults and children normalize, especially children. She said that should explain why child abuse is so prevalent....and why children rarely complain....because they normalize it, and start telling themselves that this is how their life is/will be.

As adults too, we normalize too often. I have seen this in myself, that I need to exercise an immense level of self-awareness - and thereof motivation - to recognize normalization and then work on slowly working myself out of it.

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