Friday, April 10, 2020

2767 : Haloa

When I was around 12 - there was a movie called Haloa which was released. Yugoslavian movie (I think). I remember the name clearly, but not much.
I never caught the movie, but this movie played at Pratap Cinema at Thane :-).

More on this movie at

We were a bunch of hormonal 12-year-olds and this movie does supposedly have some steam (or so google tells me now).

At school all kids started telling each other - how is carrot Haloa? I ate a carrot Haloa. I bought carrot Haloa.

Essentially any statement with carrot and Haloa in it. Folks would laugh a lot as if it were private joke.

And since then, till today, whenever I eat carrot halwa, it always brings a sheepish smile to my face. Every single time......I cannot say Carrot Halwa without thinking about the movie poster once.

I found this a strange happy memory.

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