Wednesday, April 08, 2020

2760 : A thought experiment

I was reading a book about the end of time (yes physics continues to be a love for me), and a strange thought occurred to me. Let's say all organic life dies in another 4 million years (approximately, lets say)...including the last small bacteria (or uni cell being).

Essentially when the death of organic stuff happens, then the cycle of evolution will invert. All complex beings will die first, then in almost reverse order of evolution, the simplest unicellular organisms will be the last to extinguish off this earth.

So we are at a point 4 million years from now, and all living cells are dead. There is one iPod - which is connected to a power point - which powers from a nuclear substation - that has stored power for about 10 years (just a hypothetical example.).

This iPod is on continuous shuffle and has a playlist of about 1000 songs. It keeps deciding which song to play and keeps playing music for the next 10 years till it eventually runs out of power.

Question - is the silicon in the iPod which is taking decisions - constitute digital life? Which means would we say life (or some form of it) continued on earth for the next 10 years?

Also my zen brain - asks the classic Zen koan - if no one is listening, is the iPod make a sound?


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