Friday, April 03, 2020

2749 : I love being mothered :-(

So picture this.

Some smart alec in my apartment complex has rigged the messaging system (intra complex) to have the "respected" chairman - "request" me not to leave my house till the 15th April.

So before I can dial - its a good 12-15 seconds of meaningless (and completely inauthentic message) from some dope in my complex.

While the text of the message is structured like a "request", the tone is a perfectly toned "admonishment".

And I sit and wonder - why does someone feel they have to be a patriarch to me, or mother me....or just exercise this level of arrogance in his speech towards me.

And dear chairman, if you indeed have to mother me, then please, can genuinely "care a f**k" and show some authentic empathy.

I know the world means good, but "box ticking" good, never worked, ever.

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1 comment:

Athena said...

I thought I read smothered. :-)
I love being smothered- and I wondered!!
Interesting times...