Thursday, April 02, 2020

2748 : I am not a big fan of suppression

I am not a big fan of suppression personally. I mean this whole totalitarian lock down thingy. 
Just my personal dislike. Is it effective? As I said, before, YES, it flattens the curve, but hell, I don't like it.

Neither should most of us -, especially as a virus avoidance strategy. Unless you plan to lock yourself up in your room for the next 6 months. With no vegetables, meals or clothes or shopping.....

Get the drift? Strains of the virus will be around for the next 6 months at least.

So? While it works, it might not work for me. My work, my life won't allow. I have to take a calculated risk. 

For most of us, at some point fatigue and weariness (from the lockdown) will kick in - and we shall say "fuck it, let's take the risk".

I am not enjoying that option - but looks like its another one of the Hobson's choice.

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