Sunday, March 22, 2020

2731 : What if

What if by protecting ourselves from the virus we reinforced our "own individual" lives and egos, but......BUT.....we reduced our immunity as a collective.

Does it not make sense? So herd immunity is a function of the survival of the fittest, in addition to other things. What if, by protecting the weaker/more vulnerable/fragile parts of our population - we have actually crucified the future generations of our race.

Still not with the drift? Today with our tough quarantine procedures lets say you protected me - who as an example is a potential claimant by the Covid-19. This means under normal circumstances, the virus would just kill me and move on. But I am quarantined......or in a safe house.

By letting me have not only reduced our overall chances of herd immunity (or slowed down that curve), but you have also conferred a huge genetic disadvantage on my entire genetic pool. For the next 500 years whoever emerges out of my gene pool, will be working with a disadvantage.

Now does this make sense?

A similar thought bothers me around cancer when we allow people to fight it and prolong life? Are we meddling in evolution?

Makes sense now?

Finally, this is not just a thought experiment, but an ethical/moral dilemma, that each of us should grapple with?

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