Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2729 : My new home

Today evening on a whim, I jumped onto a public transport vehicle. Through dusty roads, the journey lasted a good possible two hours. The vehicle bumped, grunted, fumed smoke, inhaled dust, jostled its passengers around and yet finally it came to a halt.

The place looked unfamiliar to the place I had originally started from. It was completely different, but yet strangely similar.

The faces looked new, the food smelled familiar, the roads looked alien, the people looked just the same.

This will be my new home. Food looks manageable. I have to scourge for food like I always have to. I am supposed to be your ancestor. Maybe that's why I am so much freerer and wiser than you are. Kaw Kaw :-). I must go. My beak needs some sharpening.

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