Saturday, February 01, 2020

2715 : Black Hole Sun by Norah Jones

I have loved Norah Jones for many years now. She is the Ravi Shankar protege, who is the rightful heir.

She sings like a Goddess.....she croons like an Angel....and makes us all writhe like humans are wont to.

Hearing her sing Black Hole Sun is always such a goosebump experience. 

Always :-).

Unfortunately I don't think any streaming service has this we need to listen to on it on youtube.

Go for it and you may just glimpse the universe's greatness in the song.

Do note that at around....4:18, she replicates Chris Cornell's signature riff as a piano chord...and if you catch that, you shall gasp. The same pain....the same hopelessness....the same plea....and the same magic.

On days like today, I really wonder....what makes me as a bunch of cells....comprehend some part of this greater beauty of the universe.....what makes me even see something on the inside. The 
Buddha was right....we are all one....break the ego....and then I know, I love Norah's brilliance, because she is me.

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