Sunday, January 26, 2020

2707 : Wu Hsin

I am a huge life avowed fan of Master Wu Hsin and his writings.
I have never felt as much enlightened as when I read his work. (On an absolute scale I am still a non-starter in terms of seeking, but Master Wu Hsin makes me feel better along this quest.)

If there was one author/person who has made a profound impact on my life - it has to be Alan Watts @ #1, and Master Wu Hsin @ #2.

Its arguably in terms of how much Master Wu Hsin inspired Alan Watts.....I believe a lot.

I discovered him about 10 years ago via some blogs. Since then I pretty much have read everything he has written and many times over.

As I always say, this blog is my instruction manual to my daughter and to show to her that her dad was both a trier and a deeply flawed human being, both at the same time.

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