Friday, January 17, 2020

2704 : Immortality

The mother, the father and the calf were ambling around. The calf was all of about 12 months. He had spent more time in his mother's womb, than in the world outside. Almost one half more.

The family looked lazy and on Mount Kailas, you did not need to do much.

Papa asked the calf, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", and he said "I want to be big, bold and huge like you. I want to scare the lions away. I want to grow four tusks, sharper than the spears that human carry around. I never want to die. I want to be on earth forever. I want our tribe and the world to remember me as the one did not flinch when he saw a fallen tree or a lion. Instead he just jumped over the tree and trudged along."

His papa laughed and bellowed a trumpet which almost sounded like a squeal. The mother looked the other way, and smiled more coquettishly.

Papa growled, "Be careful what you wish for, The-One-Who-Never-Dies. No one wants to be trapped on this planet forever, except the Gods. Now unless you decide to be one.....And remember the lions....they scare me. And my tusks, well....thats what humans hunt me down for."

Papa continued to laugh. A delirious mirth that only filial love can afford.

The calf looked up lovingly, adoringly and with the twinkle of someone who adores his hero-his dad.

In jest he began to run amok. Running further from the pack.

Papa screamed, almost a growl, "Hey, don't go near the humans, they will first offer you to the Gods. Then they shall supplicate to the act. Stay away, they cut both ways."

The young one laughed and ran around. The mother lovingly landed her trunk on the father, almost entreating him to "let the calf be....weren't we all the same as young calves?".

Minutes had passed before the air was shattered by a loud painful screech. The pain of death, that came upon someone - far too suddenly and far too unbeknownst.

Papa stalled. It was his calf. And like all papas, his heart went "can't be...heavens can't be. Please make this moment go away. Please."

The mother almost collapsed.

As the father and the other leads in the pack, hurtled towards the source of the sound.....every stride led them to confront the inevitable.

In a few seconds they were in a clearing. And in that lay the clarity of hurt - the calf was dead. Killed by a huge human. Almost 10 feet tall, with a set of large locks - almost dreadlocks. Blue and dark as an ocean at night. Ash on his forehead. He looked imposing. He looked divine. He looked invincible.

His stooges were carrying a human boy with the head missing. And as the papa (and the pack) reached there....they saw the blue divine human join the calf's head onto the human baby torso. As the minutes passed by, the elephants were stunned. So were the humans, and so were the stooges.

After what felt like hours, but were just minutes....the human baby with the elephant head spoke. He spoke like a human, but showed elephant characteristics too (especially the tiny tusks and the trunk and the trumpet).

As the child with the elephant head spoke, the humans rejoiced. The stooges danced.

The 10ft blue human announced to the elephant headed human baby. "you shall be a God. One who resolves who stops at nothing. One who humans will love more than any other God.".

That evening, as the world settled, and the sun set - a silent pack of elephants in the Kailas - skipped their meal- and performed a delicate mourning dance.

And that went completely un-noticed in the world. The calf had indeed become a God, and would live in this world forever. His parents though, would silently still mourn for him. 

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