Friday, January 17, 2020

2703 : Reading List 2020: #2: The Adversary by Emmanuel Carrere

Now that should ideally have been my first book for 2020.

Fantastically written....and totally absorbing. The Adversary by Emmanuel Carrere is a book about a person who just ends up living a complete double life. But this person is not an FBI agent, instead he is a humble "doctor" (or pretends to be one).

Fantastic read. Totally engaging.

Gives me hope :-). I need to pull a fast one on some people some time soon too. Just joking :-).

Go give it a read. On a scale of 10, about 8. Totally worth your time.

At 208 pages brings my 2020 total to 448 pages.

More on the book @ Wikipedia here. Image below from

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