Friday, January 17, 2020

2702 : Reading List 2020: #1: Sonali Deraniyagala's The Wave

I read Sonali Deraniyagala's book The Wave with interest. Its a strange book to start 2020. The pain hits, so does her grief.

But somewhere...and forgive me for saying this (because it will almost appear that I disrespect another person's context).....especially in the second half of the book, the authenticity went completely missing.

In contrast, the first half pulls you in.

Its basically a book about the author, and she lost her husband, two sons, and her parents in the Sri Lankan Tsunami. Lost as death.

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Overall a decent read. Well written, though the second half was a bit of a defeat for me. 
On a scale of 10, say about 7.5.

Brings my 2020 reading total to 240 pages.

In terms of human interest, Sonali found love again and is now married (to actress Fiona Shaw). Read about it here...

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