Sunday, January 12, 2020

2700 : The keeper of bees

When I was younger, one of the life lessons I had learnt that "secrets" were bad. Period. Secrets gnaw at the trust in a relationship. And trust is almost foundational in any partnership or relationship.

And for years, I took that at face value and frowned at anyone (including me) who was beholding secrets.

Today, years later, I am a keeper of not just one but many hundred secrets. Each secret housed in their  own customised "made to order" hidden cache.

Each secret nursed and groomed over years. Each an earthworm who was on its way to become an anaconda.

I was silently introspecting today around this, and it occurred to me, that "secrets" are like "bees". Almost had a moment of epiphany around this......

A keeper of bees (just like the keeper of secrets), hides them in a cache. A million little needles that when disturbed could sting strong. The beekeeper though, is long past the pain of the sting, for now, his game has categorically changed. His score now is no longer the bite of the sting, instead it is now the lust of the sweet honey.

Very much like secrets, what say?

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