Saturday, January 11, 2020

2698 : The gift of being an artist (or days I wish I was a Pakistani)

Pakistani's who speak Urdu or Hindustani....are naturally gifted. Their larynx's are so well toned....that when they sing.....they sound ethereal.

I was speaking recently to a friend of mine, that, when Indians (trained especially) sing in the movies or for a performance - they are on so focussed on getting the notes right.....that they almost sound so smooth, that it appears too "flawless" to be normal.

But when Wadali Brothers (a good dozen of them singing together) sing "Tu Mane Ya Na Mane".....they make you feel empathy, for their Lord, whom they are singing this paen. In that moment, you are with are one with them, and their Lord too :-).

And that is the beauty of art. Art is something that should make you aspire. Art if done right, it should make you feel a mood....almost make you yearn for a time and day, that has escaped in the past.

Still not convinced? Listen to "Crazy Little Thing called Love" by Freddie Mercury, and the edge which be brings to the perfect notes....just that little edge, which makes you notice beyond the notes' sheen and gives you goose pimples.

So its a combination of tone (voice) and just that while performance, a Pakistani Sufi singer, or Freddie, bring just little extra which make it a little edgy, and a little more personal.....a infinitely more memorable.

In praise of the performer. In praise of bringing the "raw" back to music.
In praise of knowing that all art is a way to know the secret(s) of the universe.

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