Saturday, January 11, 2020

2697 : Good music sounds great when its on a better system

I am a pseudo audiophile :-)
Which means I can speak like one.

And honestly I love my music....and admire the little differences a good reproduction can make you notice.

Including on some of the bootlegs, you can actually hear the audience or the recording crew exclaiming like an "aha" moment, which you know was also an "aha" moment for you.

And there is great magic in having a lovely soundstage :-), I can't tire of speaking about it to folks - who might have never had a chance to experience it yet.

And I can't emphasise on how fantastic my Master & Dynamic is. Its like the genie lamp that is just giving back :-).

In that sense I am a purist....I won't click a snap (even today) on my phone camera....and music always has to be on an "awwal darja" music system or headbuds.

The bloody snob in me.

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