Wednesday, January 01, 2020

2695 : Missing

You invited me to your house at Goa. You told me "treat it like your house."
You hardly knew me, and yet you gave me a gift that I still treasure. A book of poems by Tomas Transtromer. In some sense you introduced me to Tomas Transtromer. You gifted and implored me to give an ear to Rachmaninoff. And I do that till today....

I will never forget you. Or so I tell myself.
And yet, conversely,  my memory blinds your name. Always. You become Satish, you become Sandip, you become Salil....your name is from S....and yet none of these are correct.

You said, "You are like my brother.". You said, "We have a soul connect."
And I genuinely loved talking to you, as I very rarely do with another human being.

And then one day, I hear - that you were gone. At 47 (or was it 48). You died. Left a hole in my heart. I remember you very often. Your face. Cant remember your name - which I keep blanking out.

And now....I massively struggle to travel to Goa. I was there last year, but I faltered. Personally I felt lost. Without you, Goa felt like a ghost town.

After all, it was my the city of my sister's house.

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