Wednesday, January 01, 2020

2693 : A run-time called Life

I have posted about this before. Here is a thought experiment. In this experiment, I am the creator (Call me the "God" or "Evolution", whatever suits your belief), as in, I have coded this piece of software.

Imagine a Java run-time (essentially a sandboxed space, within which your piece of software runs). I could easily write a program that create individual objects (say H for humans). Each H can randomly float onto the defined constraints. I have seeded the program with 10 instances of H (namely H1....H10).

When two floating 'H' collide against each other 5 times (call the collisions as "sex"), then post 1 minute (partum) of the 5th collision, a new object called B (baby) is initiated into the sandbox.

If a B (baby), who can also float onto the space, crashes or collides 10 times into the constraints - then we assign this object for "garbage creation" (or death). Eventually this B shall disappear.

On the other hand if the B can last 18 minutes without crashing into the walls more than 10 times, then we upgrade this B to an instance of H.

In this way, the # of H can keep increasing (or decreasing). So can B.

Now I can introduce other constraints like T (trees) and A (animals) who I can program - H needs to keep killing to continue their life span. Lets say 1 T or A per minute.

Get the drift of this system?

Now some H are smart. They look at all the other H around them and figure out the broader patterns. Which means not just simple ones like 5 collisions with the same "other" H yield a B (Baby) but also more complex ones....that every time three H are around a B, the B dies (or becomes a H). These are random co-relations (not causations....if you know the difference in statistics...a causation, causes something....versus a co-relation...just happens to happen at the same time or in relation).

And these smart H (scientists, philosophers, Godmen....who call see the patterns) start creating complex theories and "Gods" around these to also explain "causation".

Still with me, get the drift...?

I as a creator, have created a complex self continuing which extinction is also possible....but once I have hit "run" (as in started the game)....I am out.....I am now programming my next piece of software.....I might be interested in "post game analysis", but I am definitely not going to help H24 or be biased against H37...they are all inconsequential transient objects.

And of course....I could do a "CTRL C" and cancel the complete runtime....and have a big bang kind of singularity. As in the event horizon, where time collapses.


Some H (like the esteemed Buddha) figure out that one way of being part of this to seek a positive outcome in the "prisoner dilemma"....which means be good to the other H, B, A, T and the overall "sandboxed runtime"....and being "good" means respecting the resources and others.

Is that a good philosophy...yes.....

But it does not protect against the "programmer" (me) doing a "CTRL C"....or it also does not protect against some H who believe Auschwitz and gas chambers is the way to play this game (from the inside).


If the world is indeed this kind of simulation, then everything is meaningless.....because we are an artificial figment of some other context (the programmer's runtime in this case).....and some day the illusion "maya" might collapse.

The beauty is, the Buddha saw some of these dynamics, sitting inside the run-time....he found a wormhole in the sandbox....a small one at that....but thats what he did.....he tried to warn all of us.....the run-time is just a are just a bit in the RAM of the program memory that is running this game......

He also correctly prophesied, that there is no way out of this futility....till we call it out for ourselves.

And each of the H who are still trapped in the run-time....the only game in town is the "run-time"....a crazy little routine that we call as "life in this universe".

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