Wednesday, January 01, 2020

2691 : The circle of life

As I confront the mortality of my parents (who are still alive :-)), I often end up wondering "have I been a terrible son?".

And while it sounds like an existential question - it's actually a very pertinent question to me. My parents are the only reason - I exist. The "only".

I have been through more downs than ups, and through all of this, they have not just supported me, but they have seen my silver lining.

Over the last 20 years, the edges have frayed.....and as the chasm has widened....their loneliness has increased and to complement it, so has my sense of "failure".

What am I doing about it?
Nothing. Nada. As days pass, and months too, and years chomp by....eventually the candle will extinguish itself....and what once was, will no longer be.

I dread that day, and today I continue to be haunted by our own collective mortality.

If all we are is reduced to "this" - then is anything at all worth fighting for?

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