Sunday, December 08, 2019

2672: Filler

I don't understand a lot of the world around me or its rituals.

For example, take us paying a lot of money for average-to-shabby food in an expensive food joint. And we rationalize it saying - "its all about the experience".

And yet, something does not add for me at al.
The crumbleass tasteless decor (lacks complete personality), or the sad looking servers (who you all-the-time-in-the-back-of-your-head know are an extremely exploited lot), or the sadder looking food (which looks and feel industrial), the un-recognizable drone of a music playing in the background.

And this is the sample description of not a hole in the wall, but a good "upscale" five star, or even a fine dining place.

The reason I think this dichotomy exists, because that enterprise's primary goal is cost optimization and to make money - at the heart of even a very glamorous five star, is usually a stressed business.

Contrast this with your father, or your friend who cooks for you - he/she is not stressed, they are cooking with you in mind (even if they don't know enough, or cannot cook to your tastes). The point is, their goal is still to make "happy good" and "for you."

That tiny subtle difference in intent, makes all the difference. I have now grown so tired of the "food experiences", that I crave for either my own cooking or food from someone who I know and is cooking for me.

My favorite chef/cook of all time remains a neighbor of mine called "Mamta Pias", who I used to call as "Mamta aunty" who was a bengali married into a christian house.....and the mutton curry she made - was manna. I got my first taste of meat in her kitchen, and though I am off meat now (except eggs) for almost 4 years now - I would not miss a beat sampling her curry again, only if I could.

I say that "only if I could" wistfully. "Eating out" is a filler (of time and an expensive way to waste your time). "Good food" on the other hand is a filler too (but of the soul, the well-being and the eternal human desire to fly like an eagle). 

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