Friday, December 27, 2019

2682 : Sagar Jaise

And one final song for the night.....

Also heard an old low res recording of Saagar Jaise Ankhon Wali (from Saagar)...and had goose pimples.

Kishore Kumar, RD Burman and Javed Akhtar......if this is not magic, what is ?

Lyrical magic....and the harmony (notice the chorus) are just pure genius. Undiluted.

And as Kishore da changes the notes (he moves one octave lower (or so I believe)) in a certain section...(when he says....Dil Kehta hain....tu yahan toh.....)......what a charm!!

On a whim went out and saw a grainy video on youtube too.

And if you don't fall for Dimple all over again(if you prefer girls...that is :-)), there is something completely wrong in your wiring......

On a melancholic note.....was hurting for a love that I seem to have lost along the way. And no google maps can help you along this journey, of the heart, as the poets would call this :-(.

Jade and diamonds form part of the black rain :-)

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