Friday, December 27, 2019

2679 : U2 - Where the streets have no name

I was just a little away from my teenage years when in 1987, I heard (saw) "Where the Streets have no name" by U2 on Doordarshan (DD as we call it in India).

For a long time I believed it was NY it was shot in. It was recently that I read it was actually LA.....wikipedia says it was " roof of a liquor store at the corner of 7th St. and S. Main St.".

I had never heard this song (before 1987) when I saw it on DD, on a 30 minute show that showcased the "Grammy Nominees"....and yet the first time I saw it, I was truly blown away.

One listen (or see) and I was completely hooked. And 32 years on....I still adore this song. And the video. I don't think I shall ever tire of this song.

As an aside And I remember the other nominees that year were (which also played on the 30 min slot - 9 to 9.30pm I believe) - they played Graceland (Paul Simon's immortal classic) and Barbara Streisand's Somewhere. Quite an eclectic list....not all of the ones were actual Grammy Nominees, as I later understood.

Also another side, I just got my daughter hooked onto this song. She loves this :-)

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