Tuesday, December 17, 2019

2676 : I am a lie

From Milan Kundera's Laughable Loves.....

"You see, Klara", I said, "you think that a lie is a lie, and it would seem that you are right. But you are not. I can invent anything, make a fool of someone, carry out hoaxes and practical jokes - and I don't feel like a liar and I don't have a bad conscience. these lies, if you want to call them that, represent me as I really am. With such lies I am not simulating anything, with such lies I am in fact speaking the truth. But there are things I cannot lie about. There are things I have penetrated, whose meaning I have grasped, that I love and take seriously. I can't joke about these things. If I did I'd humiliate myself. Its impossible, don't ask me to do it, I can't."

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