Tuesday, December 10, 2019

2673 : The long tail

Here is a thought experiment.

“When was the last time you sat down (or focussed), closed your eyes (or remain undistracted) and totally completely immersed yourself in a song?

No reading, cooking, walking, gymming, exercising, talking to friends.....nothing. 

Just you and the song.

My bet is most of us would struggle to remember the last time we did this. As in, it would that long in the past. In most cases years, if not more.

And I mean, “hearing” a song, not “seeing” one.

I can speak for myself. I have lost the ability to immerse myself into anything, other than a movie. But even a movie (I can be completely into it), not because of my powers of focus, but because the movie shuts off all of your senses. As in, in this case, the movie does all the hard work - I just submit.

I cant remember when I sat down and read for 1 hr+ undisturbed. Or listened to a song undisturbed by anything else.

And that state of affairs, in my own life, makes me feel “as if I have let myself down”. As if, I have sent myself to the cleaners.

The Buddha in his wisdom said - look inward. I in my life, do nothing but escape myself. And that’s all I do - for years on end. 

Something does not add up. Something will give. I will pay.

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