Sunday, December 01, 2019

2668 : Monogamy

Monogamy is quite a dastardly concept. Not only does it shackle you to something that is absurd, but it also adds layers of insecurity into the world around us.

If that is correct, which means - we think this might be plausible, then why does it exist at all?

My understanding is monogamy is a Christian construct from the 1500-1600, which was more political and plebeian (as in applied only to commoners, not to royalty). 

What started off a political gimmick, has become a monster of its own. 

Its bizarre and makes little to no sense to me - and I mean there is no driver for this drivel other than political and legal motivations.

Would I still practice monogamy? Technically I do. 

The real q - is that what I think makes the world a better place? Fk that. Will I tell my kid this is a core value to my being. I think this is not even a core value to simians, and we are more evolved. 

Its almost like asking - is "not killing" a core value? Try asking that to a samurai warrior. Living in "isolated peace" and manufactured structure allows us to chase randomly constructed values like "non violence". 

The real world is full of violence. Every single step. Every moment, large parts of this world (even just our microcosm, forget the larger universe) are violently being killed and yet are feeding newer organisms/processes, which shall help something else start anew. Take volcanoes as an example. Take earth's core as an example. We depend for everything on the sun, which is nothing but "pure undiluted violence.". 
Assignment for each of you :-). Now go figure. The real world does not understand monogamy :-).

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