Saturday, November 30, 2019

2666 : Una (the movie)

Una is an Irish movie, featuring Rooney Mara.

Is it a great movie? No, but it is a very sensitive and nuanced take on teenage love and possible abuse. The lead performances are real, almost so real that it seems happening now.

The story revolves around Una (Rooney) falling in love with an older man in her early teens, having sex with him, only to see him disappear and then (him) arrested for child abuse.

When she confronts him 17 years later (when she is 30), its a highly nuanced treatment.

Its easy to say he was wrong. Its easy to see him as flawed....and he probably is....but the movie reveals many layers.

A decent watch.

Ruby Stokes as the young Rooney is such a stellar performance.

Finds a mention on my overall list....

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