Saturday, November 30, 2019

2665 : The Thrill is Gone

Yes that is one of my favourite BB King songs.

I was talking to a friend of mine and she was telling me one of her distillations in life. Here goes what I learnt (and surmised).

She feels that, "Human beings are in a constant dance of seduction. Each of us is trying to impress the others around - be it for mating, or for business, or for whatever other reasons. Every single person is trying to seduce another 'n' people around him/her. The journey of 'getting into bed', to use the phrase, usually can take time."

As an example, you might be trying to impress a manager, with your writing skills. It might take many weeks/months for your manager to notice your writing talents.

She called this journey as the "chase". As we spoke above, this chase could usually take a long time. Its an arduous climb.

Her view is, once the "chase" is over - as in once you have gotten into the other's pants (in our example, your manager now thinks you are a fab content writer), she believes then the "thrill is gone".

As in not just "gone", but it completely disappears.

In her view of the world, this is the fall we all have to ramp down from. Once the chase is over, the thrill is gone. It like the dystopian version of post coital depression.

I definitely think there is some truth in this, but in her view of the world - this is the only game in town.

I do fervently believe (and approach the world around me) that this is untrue. Because if it were true, the world would be a very depressing place. It would be a world where everyone is a would be huckster/seducer (or the one huckled to or being seduced)....each of us would be participating in the game every single waking moment.

And that transactional view of the world is very reductionist. If that were indeed true (and I believe it is not), then for me, "the thrill would indeed be gone".

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