Wednesday, November 27, 2019

2664 : The war for self destruction

Read today morning that a few more feminists are being arrested for trying to enter Sabrimala Shrine.

Now please listen to me slowly. I am an equalist. I am also someone who is a pragmatic shrug off.

I want my daughter to be more than equal than equal. And I have a daughter. And a wife. And a mother. And three sisters.

The point being....

Why would someone who is an equalist/feminst, want to enter a temple - which fundamentally is averse/anti to some values you (as an equalist) might hold dear.

I find these feminists very defeatist. Its akin to going to the Jews and saying "Why should I not be allowed to work on Sabbath" in a conservative Jewish firm. Or telling a practicing Muslim why he does not enjoy pork chops.

Jews as an example, for right and wrong reasons (irrespective) believe that working on sabbath is antithetical to their values.

Is it rational? Maybe not? Does it sound like a fair ask? I think so.

Is farming chickens rational? Is slave trade in middle east rational? Is genocide rational? Is the way we treat refugees rational?

The point - we all hold onto our beliefs. And your beliefs are always ok, as long they don't interfere with my life.

And your belief states, "I (as in me) cannot enter this particular temple", because my surname starts with an I (making it up). So we should let that be....however cooky that sounds.

It makes little sense for me to challenge him (has to be him, right?) on his irrationality. That won't work. If someone knew he/she is irrational, then he.she wouldn't be right?

See the dichotomy?

At this point, one of you will be the smart alec and ask me....will you have made the same arguments, if they had stopped your daughter? Of course, yes. Will you be just so accepting if this was an eating place instead of a temple? Yes. Unless of course, this is the "restaurant at the end of the universe.". The point is there is no sense in fighting a collective no matter how coked up they sound. Thats how civil society is structured since the start.

We spend so much energy on this shit. Way too much flux, standing on earth that is constantly shifting.

Almost similar in certain cases to the controversy whether the knot of a piece of cloth is tied on the left or the right.
Really, and we think, we are being rational and equitable here, with me on this?

I think Michelle Obama put it best when she said - "when they go low, you go higher". Its one of the most insightful pieces of advice I have heard, and it was made for mindlessness of this order.

When the gaurdians of a temple say, you cannot enter (like Parsis say I (as me) cannot enter their temple) - at that moment, they have lost me, I sign out of even the basic desire to enter such a place.

If God exists, I am sure she will rain justice on them. And if God does not exist, then why get into such a temple? And if God exists and she is on their side, then I am anyway the Devil's child.

So many possibilities - one real answer - log out of this drain, and just let the ones left behind, happily shag themselves.

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