Saturday, November 23, 2019

2651 : Biased me

I believe it was in 2004 in one my trips to the US, that I absolutely fell in love with New York Times and thats a love affair that has never ebbed. Infact over time I have just gotten more and more engaged into their stories.

My worldview is largely shaped by New York Times. Agreed its a libertine view, but its also a biased view.

Honestly though, I love NY Times not for their views, but for their sheer quality of writing. Like the phrases they use, the kind of effortless ease with which they tell a story.

Everytime I return from NY to the airport, I don't miss the huge NY Times facility close to the airport and everytime it feels like a institution I should pay obeisance to.

In recent year, I read about 10 articles a day on NYTimes.

The point being, here is a set of people that I really like. They make my world (and I hope the whole world) a much better place to live in.

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