Saturday, November 16, 2019

2645 : Here and present

She said "Will you be here when I come back?"

I said, "Where the fox are you off to?"


"Really....what takes you there?"

With a twinkle she croons like Freddie and sings, "I want to break free....God knows, God knows I want to break free."

And I interrupt her....
"....and I can get used to living without you, living without you in my life....."

This gets her to break into a big beaming smile.

I ask, "How long are you off for?"

"3 months".

"What the fox?"

"Seriously. I have been invited as an artist in residence."

"Yah...the Monnet in you....I say".

"Be happy for me arsehole."

"I am.", I say.

"So are you going to here when I come back?"

"I don't know.", after a pause, "I really dont know."

Her demeanor changed and she looked contemplative. For a few moments, we both looked away from the awkward silence, and then she said "I understand, if you are still around......bring that beat back to me again."

She hugged me and then walked away. Years later, she is not back yet, and I seem to have forever lost the beat. The rhythm is irrevocably lost.

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