Tuesday, November 05, 2019

2637 : Khruangbin

My find of 2019 has to be Khruangbin. In case you are wondering whats this shit?
Kwho? Kwhat? Kscrew?

Welcome to my world. Khruangbin is a Texas based band, that plays Thai inspired psych rock. And its smooth, think of it as modern Jazz. Totally addictive and trippy.

Listen to this at work, and you can listen to this all month long, without even skipping a beat.

I must have heard them some 100 times this year and its immensely rewarding (at least personally).

Sample them out at https://khruangbin.bandcamp.com/

If my daughter one day plays music like this, I would have reconciled to the reassurance that I did contribute to the gene pool eventually :-). (For now, I have grave doubts on that matter :-), not her ability to play music, but the “contribution to the gene pool” matter :-))

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