Saturday, October 26, 2019

2631 : Vagina Monologue(s)

Picture this.

I am at Haiko (a supermarket at Powai). I am with a basket full of bread, cheese, veggies and some Diwali goodies. I go to the checkout counter and stand in the line.

I have two customers ahead of me. Behind me - a young couple (the girl should have been no more than 20-22 and the boy in the same age too). Probably in the final year of college.

They are from the upper middle class, their clothes, their accents and their behaviour gives them away. And yet unlike the super aggressive kids I am used to seeing these days, these kids are very under stated. They talk politely - in clear tones. No exclamations, no anger, no hyperboles.

And as they join the line behind me, the girl continues with her chat. And I swear, I am not making this up :-).

In clear, loud, but steady voice, she says "The vagina is a self managing organ. It cleans itself."

The guy asks, "Does that mean you don't actually clean it?".....

"No, I do clean it, but I don't have to really clean it. It cleans, manages and regulates itself."

The guy is all hooked in. "Really?....."

And then he pauses, and then out of context he asks, "How will I know if my mom has hit menopause?"

The girl says "You will never know, mothers and sons don't talk about such things."

Boy says, "I agree."

Girl continues, "Even fathers and daughters don't talk about such things. But....I have made sure I go and tell dad all about my periods. I don't want him to feel icky about it."

While I have a basket of things to buy, they have just a single strip of strawberry starburst.

I final turn around and look at them, just as I am about to pay. The girl is most definitely a South Indian, and the boy is probably a maharashtrian or a north Indian.

What can I say, modern urban idea, coming of age, I must say :-)

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