Tuesday, October 22, 2019

2630 : Cuss

Picture this.
My little monster (all of 9) gets hauled in school for using cuss words. For the record, I agree, cuss words dont have a place in civilised society.

But....and its a big but....
Cuss words are sometimes a way of life. Like the lead in "Brij Mohan Amar Rahe" (more on that later says MC/BC is nothing but a emotion in Delhi. Its just a way of how Delhi thinks.
Similarly, cuss is sometimes a way people think.

The way or the context you utter a cuss word, makes it probably un-civil.

Of course, I educate my monster, and now she knows its off limits, and honestly I think she used it inadvertently without even knowing the full implications.

And then yesterday, a person who is 79 (and thinks of me as his son) calls me......and says....he had a long pending operation finally done. And I asked him "Pa, so how did it go?"

He says, "the doctor just did not screw me, he royally fucked me up." And I crack up. He also tells me, that I told the doctor, that while he fucking me, "would he mind using condoms please"....and I was uncontrollably laughing.

Its fun when your dad equivalent talks to you like this.

One day, my monster will read this blog. She will probably abhor me. She will question my double standards.

And I have not told her yet, that I listen to George Carlin on repeat.....

Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder,  is too much sterilisation, taking the spontaneity out of our life?

For the record, if someone says the cuss and means it - I really mean it has no space in civil life. We cannot CANNOT ever EVER dis-respect another human being by using(meaning) a cuss or a slur. Thats fundamental to my buddhist values.

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