Sunday, September 29, 2019

2624 : Reading List 2019 : #28 Disgrace by JM Coetzee

This must be my 5 or 6th reading of the book. And every single time I come back more humbled and more sobered.
I feel each of us not more than 60 seconds away from disgrace. Its true. I really think and mean it.

And this book is how about a professor, who is "disgraced" deals with his life. With equanimity and yet being disgruntled.

How life kicks you in the groin when you have already been felled. How it takes just one mistake to start a spiral. It takes just one mistake for all your friends to desert you.

And its easy to ,make some one else the fall guy (in this case the lead protagonist).

I love this book and if I could rate this 18 on 10, I would. Totally worth a read. Many many times.

Brings my total 2019 read to 5047 pages.

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