Sunday, September 29, 2019

2622 . : There is a new love in town....

And she goes by the name of Lucy Ellmann.
She is 62 years old and I completely smitten by her Booker Prize nominated book Ducks, Newburyport. Its a book written with no full stops and pretty much its a stream of consciousness. 

Initially a very difficult read (actually I have finished 200 of the 1100 pages), and its still quite a drain on my brain.

But strangely....and I really mean it, strangely....I am totally in love with the book. Totally.

Think of it as 1100 pages of inside jokes. Author's jokes. You have to piece the joke together and thats the reward (as in once you get the joke).

I dont know when and how will I finish this book...but I so look forward to the book never ending at all. Its marvellous....just to read another person's thought stream....and share the inside jokes.

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