Friday, September 27, 2019

2619 : Movie/Miniseries - Unbelievable on Netflix

I watched the whole series and was hooked completely onto it. Easily one of the best series I have watched in recent months. It starts with rape, but hooks you on by genuinely making you feel the pain of the victim's. Its a bit like Delhi Crime - which makes you sympathetic to the Police. Here you rooting for both the victim and the police.

The series scathes and hurts. It makes you wince. And the actors (are so believable)....all of them. I especially fell totally for Merritt Wever. God - if there was ever one character who I was rooting was for her. Totally made me want her to win.

On my overall ratings scheme, this one series goes right near the top. Totally worth the time and even a re-run.

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