Wednesday, September 11, 2019

2618 : Cold brew

There is a new poison in town and its called cold brew coffee. Before I wax eloquent, I started actively drinking coffee only in 2013. And picked up speed in 2017 really.

Now I drink 2-4 cups of coffee a day. I started experimenting with cold brew in 2018....and now I cant stop. In 2018 it was Starbucks cold brew, and now it is home brewed.

I love both medium and dark roast in cold brew.

There is something intensely calming in a cup of cold brew, while the rest of the world around you burns or aims to singe you.

A happy glass of home brewed lovely coffee is what I need in my solitude. And yes, I do drink coffee sometimes just before bed. Call it madness, but I value and treasure my solitude more than the shit mess that nutritionists try and garble down our throat.

More to come on this love. Keep reading.

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