Sunday, September 08, 2019

2616 : The charade(s)

Love it how human beings try and put their best foot forward in any new relationship. And then with time, both (her/him and me) become like monkeys. Monkeys who will pull you back into the cage.

And this cycle repeats. Ad nauseam.

Almost as if, we were filling time. I am a monkey too. So I am judging myself more than others.

I will have a half assed estrangement with someone who is more than a brother to me. I will treat my best friend as if she is a mud headed bumpkin. And yet, I forget that sometimes all it takes is a bit of compassion and kindness and maybe acceptance.

And...coming back.....the charades we play with our "new" friends is charming...right? Here I am broken to the core with deep estrangement all around me....but you serenade a new friend. The foolishness of it strikes me as charming.

Hence "charming charades".

With new friends we are always "so interesting". "I listened to Stravinsky's Oedipus". "I love Salman Rushdie.". "I gag on George Carlin".



Who are we fooling? I am the fucknut who is a disaster of a friend. I am the one, they warn you about - "he will turn turkey" one day. Actually I do "croc" impressions too :-).

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