Sunday, September 08, 2019

2611 : Have been struggling to read

Call it a reader's block, if there is any shit like that. In the last month I have started about 9 books all at around 25%.

So the right phrase is, I am struggling to finish a book.

And then yesterday on a whim, I returned to the book which is on my all time list - Disgrace by JM Coetzee. My 7th read maybe....lost count.

And just the first night I was at over 33% of the book done.

Something about Coetzee, the thin veil around internal violence and turmoil, that I find almost addictive. My real life is like a Coetzee character - rounded on the out, and jagged on the inside.

Broken, jagged and square pegged - that's what I have become.

and.....drifting back....Coetzee is just plain magic.

And.....I might just finish Disgrace and Elizabeth Costello this month (again)!!.

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