Wednesday, August 21, 2019

2601 : 96 the movie

Watch Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha in the offbeatTamil movie called 96. Makes you yearn for the feeling of falling in love again. 

Really makes you yearn. The actors are not just fab, they make you want to be someone who you have long forgotten.

As they say in the movie, there is difference between sandosham and nimmidhi. Seek help from a Tamil friend :-).

Will make your heart beat, not faster, but like crooning to a Ella Fitzgerald jazz record.

A line in the movie (written by the hero when he was a teenager for Trisha) “ If you do belong to your mom, because she carried you in her womb for 10 months, then you most definitely belong to me, the one who has carried you in his heart for 10 years.”

Genius Alert - The last but one scene, where Trisha and Vijay (Janu and Ram) are waiting for her to board the flight. And she very naturally holds his arms as they stare into the planes. And he, after a moment, withdraws his hand out of modesty (they are not married, they are childhood sweethearts who meet after 22 years in 2018, hence the name 96). And he slowly walks behind. She pauses, and 
re-traces his path, and then yanks his hand and pulls him back to the window. She again holds his hand in the exact same way, and when he resists, she wails. It’s a heartbreaking wail of someone who knows she is losing, and is helpless. In that moment, we all realise how powerless we are when faced with true love. She then holds his head and balks like a child. And in that moment, we are all losers. We as a collective have lost. The pain feels real. 

Take a bow :-).

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