Wednesday, August 21, 2019

2600 : Erosion of the simple

Long hauls I often fly business. And I still sometimes get miffed by the utter inane ness of the airport security and the overall “experience buster” of a trip gone miserable. They have most definitely taken the pleasure out of flying.

And yet, I have to remind myself every so often...even when I fly coach, I fly Emirates (as an example), which means it’s much better than flying Indigo as an example.

Get the drift?

There is degrees of luxury. I today fly to Delhi, instead of taking the train as I always did as a child. And yet almost always I complain of Indigo versus Vistara. Or even if I am dignified enough not to complain. I feel it.

Get the drift :-)?

We are victims of our own castles. The ones we build with brittle sand. 

One day, sure as fire, the next high tide will come along. It will take not just the castle, but it will bring crabs along.

On that day, I will have to remember that on the day of the tide, its better to be a fish than to be me.

A fish who survives for the day, and owns nothing...and yet roams along the entire ocean. No passport, no Indigo, no Emirates, no Business Class needed.

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